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My Russian Collision

My Russian Collision

Maybe everyone else can breathe easy now that the Mueller investigation has shown there was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. But not me.

No, every day my unassuming little blog is bombarded by spam commentary from our Russian “friends.” In my case, this collision is worse than collusion.

I have no idea what they are saying or selling, but I recognize the alphabet since I took Russian in high school shortly after Sputnik was launched. I didn’t sign up for the class because I was worried that we’d be overtaken by the Red menace. I thought it would be a cool teenage thing to say I was conversant in Russian.

I should have studied another more useful language. The only things I can say in Russian are good day, you are a beautiful woman or a stupid boy and I drink vodka – which I don’t.

If I’d studied Spanish, for example, I could chat with the pleasant men working on remodeling the house next door and ask them when the hammering and drilling will come to an end. They’ve been at it for over a year. I’m hoping it will be completed before the end of 2019, but only they know and they’re not sharing that information with me in English.

Back to the Russian onslaught on my blog. It’s beyond annoying. Every couple of days I diligently mark the comments as spam, and then move them to the trash bin. There they join a collection of postings from idiots offering me hot sex, pornography and online gambling.

Today I’ll be deleting 98 comments that are unrelated to my internet prose. And while I’m doing it, I’ll be wondering who would respond to this worthless drivel.

These trolls – to borrow from Hillary Clinton – are the real deplorables of our society and the bane of my website.

Maybe I should be pleased to think that my writing has an international reach. I’m not buying that. There is no détente between me and Russia. Instead I’m issuing a warning.

Держитесь подальше от моего сайта, товарищи. Stay away from my website, comrades.

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