The Perils of Living in Paradise


Susan Hanafee is an award-winning former journalist whose career as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star spanned three decades. She formerly headed communications for IPALCO Enterprises and Cummins Inc. She resides in Boca Grande, Florida. Hanafee’s blogs can be found on

Her alter ego, E. C. Thomas is a former newspaperman who left his job to look for a spot where happiness and peace prevail. Finding no such place, he ended up in a Florida beach town where he dusted off his old laptop and wrote his first novel.


Kudos for “Six Weeks from Tuesday” by E. C. Thomas…

          “Two parts romantic triangle, one part corporate intrigue equals plenty of good, old-fashioned plot driven action. I read this book in a weekend, thanks to Thomas’ breezy dialogue, some interesting characters and a plot that twists just enough to keep you reading to see what’s around the next corner.” – By MDL on Kindle.


Other books by Susan Hanafee

Red Black and Global: The Transformation of Cummins (2011)

Rachael’s Island Adventures (2015)